I have an issue in the community concerning me, what is the best avenue?

The Chamber is designed to assist businesses in the community which may have issues affecting their business operations or workplace. If you would like the Chamber to review your situation and direct you in the best course of action the most effective way to do so it to submit in writing what your particular issue may be and how you would like the Chamber to assist. This can then be submitted to the committee for their next meeting through either email, fax or post. Alternaively you can come to a general meeting to discuss.

I have an event which may be useful to Chamber members, how can I get it listed on the Events page and get the information out?

The Chamber is always interested in letting members know about events and seminars which may prove useful to business operations. If you have an event you would like promoted contact the news team on info@singletonchamber.org.au and we will be happy to review. If it complies with advertising and information posting guidelines we can include it as an upcoming event on the web or even in our monthly Chamber Newsletter. For more information regarding advertising with the Chamber please contact us.

Where and how do I go about contacting the Chamber for information?

Simply email any one of the committee listed on the Committee page or send us an email via the website. You can also contact our general information number 0400 460 412 for more information or to request a member's information packet be forwarded to you.

Who can go to chamber Meetings?

While you must be a member to participate in members' discussions and voting, Monthly General Meetings are open to the general public and interested parties. Meetings are held the Second Tuesday of each month - view our events page or contact a member of the executive team for more information on a venue. Interested attendees must RSVP.

Is there a womens' group?

We are proud to have initiated the Women's Networking Group. Meeting bi-monthly the group is open to all women in the community and encourages networking and growth through communication and information sharing. In addition, interested parties can opt in to the women in business email register for valuable and pertinent information forwarded on a regular basis. For more information contact the Chamber Secretary.